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Our products are in demand in 14 countries around the world, so we are ready for new partnerships in the professional distribution of our products in more than 100 countries! And it might be you who could become our new distributor!


Highly popular among parents in Europe — our fascinating toys are preferred by many parents when choosing educational products for their children.


Minimum bulk order: $3,500 + shipping. We provide an exclusive contract for the country, train the distributor and their employees, support the launch, and help in selling.

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Lucy&Leo toys

Briefly about the company:

Lucy&Leo is a European wooden toy brand. It was created by European designers (Spain). Since 2012, it has been a long-term leader of the Russian and Chinese markets, with consistent presence among the TOP-15 players of the wooden toys market in the world. The toys are produced in China at our own factory; the company’s management and design bureau are constantly present there.


Fascinating wooden toys under the Lucy&Leo brand are produced for children, mainly from 0 to 3 years old. From the reviews we often learn that older children — 4 to 5 years old — play with them as well. Toys for 5- to 6-year-olds have been rolling out recently.

Key benefits


Absolutely safe

Certified for sale in Europe, China, and the USA; meet the most stringent safety requirements. Their absolutely non-toxic coating materials are water-based. Don’t worry if the child will sleep with these toys or children licks and bites them. The toys do not contain small parts that can fall off. The child can be safely left alone with these toys: let children learn the world and experiment — without any risk to the child’s health!


They really develop

Lucy&Leo toys are designed taking into account the psychological methods of Montessori: children develop memory, attention, fine motor skills, and spatial thinking. “The clearer is a concrete sensation of a child, the deeper it leaves a trace in the soul,” — the Montessori method teaches us, and Lucy&Leo toys meet this requirement. Even the materials (beechwood and rubberwood–Hevea) are not chosen by chance — they have the most pleasant texture, which evokes the right tactile sensations, contributing to the child’s development process during play. Lightweight, sleek, and neutral plastic toys will not produce such impressions.


No less exciting than a smartphone or a tablet!

Yes, a child can sit with a smartphone or a tablet “without ever stopping” until the battery runs out or the mother takes it away. But Lucy&Leo wooden educational toys are designed and contemplated in such a way as to keep a child entertained and captivated for a long time. But by VARIED activities. Good for development and not harmful to health.


High quality

Production is under 100% control of European engineers and designers. The quality of products and the level of production setup meets the highest quality standards, as evidenced by certificates and awards.


Great gift

Lucy&Leo toys are created under the guidance of designers from Spain. These are really beautiful toys that fit the premium segment. Even the packaging is of excellent quality. It's a nice present!


Humane service

An unconditional and immediate replacement of defective toys. It doesn’t matter where the toy was bought and how long ago — if a defect is detected, an official representative will replace the toy with a new one (or another model at a similar price).


The company has its own designers on staff present directly at the production facility; it also cooperates with European designers — they work remotely as freelancers. Among them are such renowned designers as Marisol Excorza from Spain, with whom Lucy&Leo has been working for more than 8 years.

For all the toys we create, we consult with child psychologists. In fact, our more than 8 years of experience in the children’s toys market has given us an understanding of how the individual elements of toys affect the development of certain skills, although there are a limited number of elements. It’s like in music: any melody consists of just 7 notes, but it’s their various combinations that offer a lot of room for creativity.

And, of course, we collect feedback: someone writes reviews in online stores, someone sends letters directly to the company. It often happens that if many customers say the same thing, then some improvements are made to the design.

Our own production facility

Wooden production of toys in Europe is economically impractical. The rent, taxes, lack of necessary technologies, and other associated costs are so high that toys made of wood would have been cost as if they were made of gold (figuratively speaking). It is no coincidence that China is considered a “world factory,” and companies from all over the world manufacture their goods there — from socks to iPhones.

However, when working with China, there is one important detail: in order to maintain quality at the proper level, you need to constantly be there and monitor production. Therefore, some employees from the Lucy&Leo European office stay in China on a permanent basis.

Now about 20% of our China factory staff are Europeans. These are engineers and managers of the enterprise. Even most large European brands do not have this — they give everything to Chinese factories for contract production. For deliveries abroad, Lucy&Leo also has its own customs warehouse in China, where product storage conditions are strictly monitored. From there, containers are delivered by sea to anywhere in the world.

Terms and conditions

For us, distributors are partners. Therefore, we are looking for people with whom we can build a successful scalable business of selling children’s products, which will become an example for everyone. We offer our partners fair conditions to start a partnership:

Wholesale purchase

Minimum bulk order: $3,500 + shipping

This is the optimal product quantity for market testing. The order includes everything you need to start, plus access to all internal documents, market analysis, training for partners and employees, launch support, and site integration.

Help with logistics

We give exclusivity

We give exclusive rights to the country by concluding an exclusive contract. We guarantee that during our partnership our company will not sell products to other companies from your country.

Wholesale purchase

We help with logistics

We provide all partners with high-quality and convenient logistics. We do not make money on delivery, so partners always get the best prices.


We provide connection to our knowledge base

We have collected a complete knowledge base with all the necessary documents for work: studio photos and videos of products, sales promotion, communication with a client, and communication with dealers.


You have to work hard

Business cannot develop without the participation of an entrepreneur or a visionary. If you hope that we will do everything for you, this is not the case. Our distributors keep track of stocks, study the market, personally communicate with clients, and have a finger on the pulse.

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